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PhytoChemia Acta

Tag: Thyme

2018 summer distillations

8 January 2019

Sylvain Mercier, M. Sc., chimiste At PhytoChemia, we always like to seek around us to find interesting plants to distill. This summer, we performed several distillations of different plants. You will find in this blog post a summary of our 2018 summer distillations along with the general composition of essential oils that we obtained, their […]

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Beyond mosquitoes : Essential oils toxicity and repellency against insect pests: an overview

5 June 2018

Sylvain Mercier, M. Sc., chimiste If you have already been interested in the anti-mosquito action of essential oils, you probably already know the potential effectiveness of citronella as a repellent against these insects that disturb our beautiful summer evenings. Different insects can be vectors of serious diseases such as Aedes sp. which carries dengue or […]

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