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More than analyses,

The world of natural products chemistry can sometime be complex. We are committed to guiding our customers.

We have a continuously growing database resting on over fifteen years of data collection, we can efficiently and rapidly determine the chemical composition of volatile mixtures containing natural and synthetic.

  • Perfumes
  • Plants or plant-derived fragrant products
  • Medicinal cannabis and hemp
  • e-liquids from e-cigarettes
  • Essential oils
  • Hydrosols

We use GC-FID and GC-MS methods to analyse volatile compounds.

PhytoChemia offers analysis for medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp. We also offer scientific consulting and analytical services for producers (MMPR), dispensaries and patient under the MMAR.

  • Quantification of cannabinoids including THC and CBD
  • Profiling of volatile compounds including terpenes
  • Consulting services for experimental plan design and research
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  • Acid, ester and saponification value
  • Quantification of one or more fatty acids
  • Fatty acids profile

In Natural Health Product analysis, PhytoChemia apply validated analytical protocols inspired from literature or regulations, such as USP, European Pharmacopoeia or any other Heath Canada approved monography compendium when requesting a NPN. We are also capable of developing custom analytical methods for your innovative products, when no satisfying option exists.

  • Quantification of compounds in a vegetal extract or finished product
  • Comparison of a chemical profile with literature or a reference profile
  • Identification of a reference substance in an unknown sample

PhytoChemia can help you even before a product is marketed. We are able to help you optimize your extraction and production methods, choose your raw material suppliers and maximise the effects of your products.

  • Comparison of extracts obtained from various processes
  • Geographical, climatic or seasonal variation of plant chemistry
  • Selection of suppliers on a scientific basis
  • Stability and degradation of products
  • Growth methods optimization
  • Many more possibilities
  • Steam distillation, hydrodistillation or Clevenger distillation for essential oils, hydrosols and cannabis
  • Solvent extraction (soxhlet, macerate, sonication) at lab-scale
  • Sample pretreatment
  • Detection of parabens above a given threshold
  • Depending on requests, possibility of extending to other compounds (e. g. triclosan, BHT, phthalates…)
  • Lactic, malic, ascorbic, citric, tartric, shikimic, fumaric, oxalic, cafeic, ferulic, benzoic, salicylic, sorbic acids and more.

The 2003/15/CE directive of the European Parliament defined specific labeling requirements for cosmetics sold in Europe. Twenty-six allergen substances must be analysed and labeled if their content is higher than a given threshold in a product.


Advisory Services

  • Contact with other professionals according to your needs
  • Business ideas with plant-based product
  • Explanations of analytical result and their signification
  • Consulting services for licensing a natural health product with Health Canadas
  • Scientific advices on the implementation of processes
  • Many more possibilities