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Rosa, Rosam, Rosae – Part 1

5 February 2020

As suggested by the Latin declension of the title, this February we propose you a series of blog posts on the theme of roses. In this first post, we will start with an historical overview of roses botany and a summary of the main methods to produce rose derivative products : essential oil, hydrosol, absolute […]

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Plant profiles

Indian Patchouli : the analysis results

21 January 2020

In the past few days, we have distilled by Clevenger leaves of Pogostemon Heyneanus (Indian patchouli).  To give you a brief summary, here is the experiment in few figures:  Leaves mass : 318 g. We have used frozen leaves, and have grinded them with a mortar.   Distillation duration : 4 hours. Essential oil obtained : […]

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Activities and Events


The Chemistree history

6 January 2020

Corine Lormel, PhD In the past month, several pictures of chemistry Christmas trees also named chemistrees probably blossomed in your news feeds. As some of us in the laboratory,  you assume this phenomenon is recent and the pioneers are very passionate about chemistry. Of course, a bunch of enthusiasts is necessary but those who have […]

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