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PhytoChemia Acta

Month: June 2018

The other side of oils: vegetable oils and fatty acids profiles

19 June 2018

Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., chimiste – Popularization Quality control of essential oils is an important issue in the worlds of flavour & fragrances and aromatherapy. But most of the time, these oils are not used pure. It is in fact recommended to dilute them prior to use, and a logical and popular solution to that […]

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Beyond mosquitoes : Essential oils toxicity and repellency against insect pests: an overview

5 June 2018

Sylvain Mercier, M. Sc., chimiste If you have already been interested in the anti-mosquito action of essential oils, you probably already know the potential effectiveness of citronella as a repellent against these insects that disturb our beautiful summer evenings. Different insects can be vectors of serious diseases such as Aedes sp. which carries dengue or […]

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