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PhytoChemia Acta

Month: November 2015

Isobornyl Cyclohexanol and You

30 November 2015

Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., Chimiste – Popularization Essential oils are worth quite a lot of money. It so happens that, in order to boost profits, unscrupulous people alter oils in various ways. This “Adulterants and you” series is there to introduce you to some of the adulterations we encounter. This is because not all of […]

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You Said Polar?

23 November 2015

Alexis St-Gelais – Popularization  Polar: I am not reffering to the winter cold that has settled around here in Saguenay a few weeks ago… I am rather speaking of a concept that can be helpful to understand many chemical phenomena, to which I will certainly plentily refer to in the future on this blog. Polarity […]

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