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PhytoChemia Acta

Month: July 2015

Volatile constituents of American willow male flowers

24 July 2015

Alexis St-Gelais – Research Notes The hexane extract (concrete) of young male flowers of American willow (Salix discolor Muhlenberg) was analysed by gas chromatography. Beside the waxy compounds, the main detected constituents are floral-scented alcohols and salicylaldehyde. The results are a good example of the usefulness of processing concretes into absolutes. In our region, one of […]

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Published paper: The Scent of Wild Chervil

11 July 2015

Alexis St-Gelais – Research Note PhytoChemia is an uncommon business. We launched the company while still completing our master degrees, which meant we were knee deep in fundamental research in chemistry. One of the motivations – especially for me – of setting up our laboratory was to have our very own scientific playground. As chemists, […]

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Published Paper: Interesting and Rare Compounds from Bolivian Molle

Research Note – Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., chimiste Essential oils can sometimes be surprising. It so happens that well-known species that have been frequently studied yield, in particular conditions, peculiar volatile molecules that are otherwise not widely recognized to be characteristic of the plant. When such an observation is made, it is useful to publish […]

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