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Month: June 2015

LiftCannabis – A canadian leader for news on medical marijuana

16 June 2015

Laurie Caron, Chemist, M.Sc. – Discoveries Since we obtained our Canadian licence to analyse medical marijuana, we connected to the businesses of this world. As with everything, news travel fast, and finding reliable references in this industry is not always an easy thing. Some companies like LiftCannabis stand out more than others. Lift has a high presence […]

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Tiguidou or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Analysis

5 June 2015

 Hubert Marceau, chemist, B.Sc. About three years ago a friend of mine, who was doing her master on essential oils, was struggling with her analyses. This gave me the idea to automate part of the process by creating a small VBA program in Excel that would search in a database of rentention indexes for potential […]

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Question from the public: Phthalates contamination in essential oil

4 June 2015

 Hubert Marceau, chemist, B.Sc. I have recently been asked if it was possible that diethyl phthalate be naturally present in an essential oil, more precisely in a Cyperus scariosus sample where about 5% of DEP was detected. Here is our answer:  Bioaccumulation of DEP in plant. There have been a nice review, a bit aged […]

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