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PhytoChemia Acta

Month: February 2015

Plants vs. the World – Don’t Feed on Me

26 February 2015

Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., chimiste – Discoveries  Who’s affraid of goats, sheeps, horses and cows? Most Humans are not, since these animals are rather pacific and useful to us. But herbaceous plants and shrubs have plenty of reasons to hold great resentment toward these species, who consistently eat them. So what is a plant to […]

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Plants vs. the World

18 February 2015

Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., chimiste – Discoveries Climate can be rough around here, in Saguenay. With temperatures regularly dropping under -25ºC, February is way colder than the average, this year. Fingers get nimble very quickly, and the tip of your nose can freeze within minutes. Although this might not be comfortable every day for us, Humans, […]

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Quality Control 101, Part I. Third Party Testing is Good for You

14 February 2015

Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., chimiste – Popularization Any business in the field of natural substances production (encompassing health products, extracts, refined phytochemicals, herbs, essential oils, and anything comprising one of these ingredients) will eventually have to take a stand about the kind of quality control that should be performed on its products. In many cases, […]

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