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PhytoChemia Acta

Month: January 2015

Food fraud: Common or not? – The importance of quality control in the industry

9 January 2015

Laurie Caron – Popularization   In recent months, a particular topic emerged in the media: food fraud. But what is it? By definition, there is food fraud when food is marketed with intentionally mislead the consumer1. An example of a rather eloquent fraud, nicknamed “Horsegate“, took place in 2013 in Europe. Frozen meals from the […]

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Introducing plants from the boreal forest of Quebec – Card # 4 : Gaultheria hispidula (L.) Mühl.

Laurie Caron, chemist, M.Sc. – Plant card Latin name: Gaultheria hispidula (L.) Mühl. and its former name is Chiogenes hispidula (L.) T. & G. Common Names: Small tea, small tea woods, wintergreen insipid, tasteless chiogène, Snowberry.  Qualified as a small creeping shrub of the heath family, this plant has long spindly branches and small oval […]

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